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Saturday Mornings on 774, ABC Radio

John has been a casual contributor to the ABC 774 radio programme on Saturday mornings for several years with Hilary Harper and more recently with Libby Gore.

John is also at times asked to contribute his expertise both on radio and television on topical issues as they arise.

Dec 2019 an ABC News spot talking about the allergy effect of Melbourne's plane trees

Jan 2020 a talk about dangerous trees in the urban areas


In May 2013, the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) launched the Gallipoli Oaks Project.

It aims to propagate up to 2,000 Gallipoli oak seedlings from acorns harvested from the original Q. subsp. calliprinos trees grown from Capt Winter-Cooke's full article




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You never know where you might find me.....

A sample of news Articles featuring John

Roots Run Deep by the Yarra - Sydney Morning Herald   (read full article)


You can take a tour with John Fordham, arborist and chairman of the Friends of Burnley Gardens, who will point out the significant trees in the gardens.

A student at Burnley in the late 1970s and now doing a master of urban horticulture, Fordham says Burnley is a horticultural magnet, where for generations learning has been based on trial and error.

''The learning experience is based on sound horticultural principles based on research,'' he says. ''One of Burnley's most popular courses is Discovering Horticulture - colloquially called Disco Hort. Home gardeners are able to benefit from past and current research undertaken at Burnley and it is from this entry point that the home gardener can jettison oneself into a more professional understanding.''

A Memorial of Dangerous Lands - The Age  (read full article)


When arborist John Fordham embarked on a crusade in the hills of Montenegro to collect acorns for a Gallipoli centenary project, he was in danger of getting more than he bargained for.

He was unaware the area was mined, but, thankfully, a local driving by stopped his car, got out and warned Mr Fordham not to venture into such dangerous territory.

Melbournians urged to inspect standing trees for damage are wind, rain (read full article)


Arborist and horticulturist John Fordham said people were understandably focussed on the ground when they are out in the garden, but asked that people take the time to inspect their trees.

"Many people don't look up into the trees, so that's what I'm really keen for people to think about," he told 774 ABC Melbourne's Hilary Harper.

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